Food Intolerance

Food intolerances are on the rise. Non-IgE mediated, or non-allergic, food hypersensitivities or food intolerances may present as non-immunologic adverse reactions in gastrointestinal-related disorders, such as lactase deficiency, dietary protein-induced enterocolitis syndromes, and eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease, as well as in autoimmunity disorders, inflammatory skin diseases, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, and even autism. These conditions often resolve when the offending food is avoided.

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (MDL) now offers multi-parameter testing that contains optimized combinations of up to 204 relevant foods and their respective additives for detecting food-specific IgG antibodies in serum via Immunoblot.

Test Requisition Form
Test 2003 – Food Sensitivity Test (Reactivity to 96 Foods) IgG by Immunoblot
  • Dairy & Egg: cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cow’s milk, egg white, egg yolk, mozzarella, yogurt.
  • Fish & Seafood: clam, codfish, crab, haddock, lobster, prawn, salmon, scallop, sole, swordfish, tuna.
  • Fruit: apple, avocado, banana, bell pepper, blueberry, cantaloupe, coconut, grape (white), grapefruit, lemon, olive, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, strawberry, tomato, watermelon.
  • Gluten Containing Cereals: wheat grain, barley grain, brown rice, malt, rye grain, wheat bran.
  • Gluten Free Cereals & Alternative Foods: black wheat, oat grain.
  • Herbs & Spices: basil, bay leaf, cinnamon, dill, ginger, mustard seed, oregano, pepper (black), tarragon.
  • Legume: lima bean, pea, peanut, soybean, string bean.
  • Meat: beef, chicken, lamb meat, pork, turkey.
  • Miscellaneous: baker’s yeast, black tea, brewer’s yeast, gluten, honey, kelp.
  • Mushroom: white mushroom.
  • Nuts & Seeds: almond, cashew nut, chia seeds, cocoa bean, coffee, cola nut, safflower seed, sesame, sunflower seed.
  • Salads: green cabbage, iceberg lettuce, kale.
  • Vegetable: asparagus, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, onion, spinach, sweet potato, white potato, winter squash.
Test 2002 – Expanded Food Sensitivity Test (Reactivity to 108 foods) IgG by Immunoblot
  • Dairy & Egg: butter, emmental cheese, goat’s cheese, goat’s milk, kefir, processed cheese, sheep’s cheese, sheep’s milk.
  • Fish & Seafood: anchovy, carp, crayfish, eel, herring, mackerel, ocean perch, octopus, oyster, pike, red shrimp, sea bass, squid, trout.
  • Fruit: apricot, black currant, blackberry, cherry, chili, cranberry, date, fig, gooseberry, honeydew melon, kiwi, lime, lychee, mango, nectarine, papaya, plum, pomegranate, raisin, raspberry, zucchini.
  • Gluten Containing Cereals: spelt.
  • Gluten Free Cereals & Alternative Foods: buckwheat, flour millet.
  • Herbs & Spices: anise, cayenne pepper, chamomile, clove, coriander, cumin, curry powder, marjoram, mint, nutmeg, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, saffron, sage, thyme, vanilla, liquorice root.
  • Legume: broad bean, carob, chickpea, kidney bean, lentil, mung bean, snow pea, white bean.
  • Meat: duck meat, quail.
  • Miscellaneous: aloe vera, baking powder, bamboo shoots, beta-lactoglobulin, caper, casein, hops, Jerusalem artichoke, vine leaves.
  • Mushroom: shiitake.
  • Nuts & Seeds: brazil nut, flax seed, hazelnut, macadamia nut, pine nut, pistachio, poppy seed, sweet chestnut.
  • Salads: chard, chicory, fennel, iceberg lettuce, rocket (arugula).
  • Vegetable: artichoke, beetroot, Brussels sprout, chive, horseradish, leek, radish, rapeseed, red cabbage, shallot, turnip cabbage.
Test 2001 – Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test (Reactivity to 204 foods) IgG by Immunoblot

Includes all foods listed in Tests 2003 & 2002