Physician Info

Patient results are initially faxed to the ordering Physician and the original hard copy is forwarded via first class mail to the ordering physician. Additional copies of the test reports can be forwarded to another Physician upon the ordering Physicians’ written request in the designated area of the test requisition form. We will make every effort to accommodate requests for STAT testing. However, due to the highly complex nature of our testing methodology, results may be delayed.

Our result reporting option can be customized upon request to best suit the individual needs of your practice.

One or more of the following current methods of reporting can be selected:

Some benefits of utilizing Lifepoint include secure, immediate access to patient results using your existing computer and internet access. Results of tests are posted as soon as they’re available and may be sorted by patient name, ID number, date of service, date of birth, sex, or accession number. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is activated when results are displayed and therefore cannot be intercepted during transmission. Lifepoint displays easy-to-read, customizable report views which indicate reference ranges and highlight abnormal results in red. To ensure perfect hard copies every time, the report view is “print-ready.”

Test Additions/Cancellations

Additional testing can be arranged if the specimen volume permits and it is within an allowable time period from specimen collection.

Tests may be cancelled by the ordering physician/laboratory by written request. However, if test set-up or completion has already occurred, the standard fee will be charged.

If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ’s page or contact us at 877.269.0090.

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All test addition/cancellation requests are subject to approval by the QC Department. If we are unable to accomodate your request, you will be notified in writing.