Billing Info

Option 1:Third-Party Billing Information

MDL can provide the convenience of third-party billing for all clients. We will attempt to bill every insurance; however, for specific participation information, the patient must contact their member services.

Insurance Billing

For third-party billing, a copy of both sides of the insurance card or the following information must be provided:

Note: Patients are responsible for yearly deductibles and any balances not covered by their insurance company.

Medicare Billing

If the patient is covered by Medicare, please supply the following information:

Option 2:Patient Billing

In lieu of the third-party billing option, clients may choose to have their patients billed directly for laboratory services. When direct billing is requested, the following information must be supplied in the patient information area of the test requisition form:

Note: If a patient does not have insurance coverage, the patient will be billed directly. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and money orders.

Option 3:Laboratory or Physician Account

Clients can elect to be billed monthly by an itemized statement that includes tests performed and associated fee schedules for each specimen completed that month. All laboratory fees are payable upon receipt of monthly statement.

Note: In order to select this billing option, prior arrangements must be made with our Client Services department to establish credit and set up an account.

If you have additional questions, please visit the MDL FAQ’s page or contact us at 877.269.0090.